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Community Respect Project

What we know about Elephants

Elephants are one of the largest mammals we have on earth. That we have the term “Elephant in the Room Discussions” is not a surprise. Here are some thoughts on what we know about elephants.

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afghan arrival airport
Rochester’s Monthly Community Day of Prayer!

Afghan Refugee Needs

Thursday, Nov 11, 2021
12:10 PM to 12:50-ish PM
All Invited

Rochester Community Day of Prayer

Operation Intercession

31 days of suggested prayers

National Day of Prayer 2021

Rochester National Day of Prayer local event

Yearly on the 1st Thursday in May
Details coming soon

Access the power of God through prayer

A recent Post Bulletin Interview of Wendell Amstutz

Have a Prayer Question?

View a few questions and answers about prayer. If you have questions about prayer, please ask them and continue to seek meaningful answers. 

Have a Prayer Request?

Do you have a prayer request?  Feel free to share them with us. We would find it a privileged to pray for you.

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