Daily Prayer Guide 2021

daily prayer guide

2021: Celebrating 18-Years in Rochester, Minnesota — 70th Annual National Observance
7:00 to 8:15 PM on Thursday, May 6: Berean Community Church, 3157 Kenosha Drive NW, Rochester, Minnesota

Daily prayer guide with 31 days of suggested prayers for us, family, friends and leaders. For our nation and the world during this COVID-19 Pandemic.


Here is how you can specifically pray daily. Pray the numbered prayer matching the given day of the month. March 29 the George Floyd murder trial began, involving former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. The News Media anticipates this trial is likely to be one of the most closely watched trials in decades. We are asking all Believers to PRAY that God will protect everyone who could be at all affected by this Trial, and to Pray that any Unrest or Anger would be diminished by God (regardless of the outcome). We pray that God will protect the Twin Cities, and protect ALL of Minnesota (and all Metro Areas across the USA) from all dangers.

    • DAY 1: Dear God, we know You are in complete control of what happens. We rejoice that You CAN and WILL work good in the big picture.
    • DAY 2: Grant justice, mercy and grace to all involved. Remind us You have the FINAL SAY, and You are fair to all, and You will judge all (including each of us).
    • DAY 3: Guide Judge Cahill as he sets the parameters for the trial. Grant him divine wisdom to rule fairly. Keep the Judge and his family safe throughout the trial.
    • DAY 4: Impress upon all of us the urgent need to be in much prayer and fasting for these days. Remind us that Little prayer means little spiritual power. And No prayer means no power.
      DAY 5: Direct Gov. Tim Walz, Mpls. Mayor Fry and St. Paul Mayor Carter to make wise security decisions, to respond with calmness to all voices & circumstances.
    • DAY 6: As Your Word commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) we also pray for Peace in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro areas, and the entire state of Minnesota.
    • DAY 7: We commit ALL of the trial attorneys and their teams to You. Help them ALL to speak TRUTH that sets people free. Bind ALL half-truths, misleading statements and slander.
    • DAY 8: Show government and law enforcement officials areas where policy reform is needed. Empower leadership to make changes.
    • DAY 9: In the midst of confusion, pain, anger and distrust, strengthen us ALL to uphold the dignity of ALL people, created in Your image.
    • DAY 10: Embolden community leaders to provide calmness, civility and constructive advice during ALL possible times of unrest.
    • DAY 11: Please use local police departments and the National Guard to protect ALL businesses, worship centers, government centers, schools, vehicles and homes from harm. 
    • DAY 12: May people who are frustrated by the judicial process (ALL sides) find constructive ways to speak out. Keep anger from turning into negative actions that cause further pain.
    • DAY 13: Remind us that ALL have sinned and come short of Your glory (Romans 3:23). We seek Your forgiveness for sin against You and our brothers and sisters. Guide us in becoming agents of reconciliation.
    • DAY 14: Keep us from stereotyping people who look different than us, or have different values. Help us see good in people who frustrate us. (Remind ALL of us that NO human being is perfect.)
    • DAY 15: We pray for a divine hedge of protection, to keep people who might cause problems from coming to the Twin Cities.
    • DAY 16: We are thankful that Black Lives Do Matter to GOD and prayerfully do matter to all God’s children. Remind people of all ethnicities that ALL LIVES matter EQUALLY to God.
    • DAY 17: Teach the lessons we need to learn in these difficult days. May we be good students, applying the lessons to our lives, and bringing about Your desired changes in our communities.
    • DAY 18: We ask You to limit ALL negative influence of Social Media communications and web-sites prior to, during and following this trial.
    • DAY 19: Be with the George Floyd family. Comfort them as they continue to grieve their loss. May the words of their mouths and the meditations of their hearts be acceptable in Your sight.
    • DAY 20: Grant justice, mercy and grace to all involved in the trial process. May the prophet Micah’s words (6:8) be true of each participant: ”Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God.”
    • DAY 21: Grant wisdom to those serving on the jury. Protect those selected and their families. Grant the jurors physical health, peace and clarity of mind, and accurate recall.
    • DAY 22: We pray that in ALL of their decisions the Jury would have wisdom, attentiveness, clarity and fairness.
    • DAY 23: Protect area businesses and buildings from ALL frustrated people who would seek to do damage as a misguided reaction. Protect businesses from ALL dangers, or from being shut down and causing loss of income and loss of employee paychecks.
    • DAY 24: Bring good from this difficult situation for the Twin Cities. We pray for the Metro area, the state and the country. Use this trial to bring healing to our broken relationships.
    • DAY 25: Be especially close to the family members of law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency service personnel who will be serving as peace keepers. Give them “peace that passes all understanding”.
    • DAY 26: Protect the media who cover the trial and send them accurate information sources. Give the media clarity of mind, truth, and freedom from their personal biases.
    • DAY 27: Size-ably expand the influence of Faith Leaders and Community Leaders to minister to neighborhoods, leadership, media, EMS personnel, and the National Guard.
    • DAY 28: LGive community “Service Providers” wisdom to best assign their limited personnel in assisting as needed.
    • DAY 29: Grant safety to Twin Cities commuters, delivery personnel, neighborhoods, school children, people using public transportation, walker-joggers, and ALL traveling through the Twin Cities.
    • DAY 30: We ask for healing of the wounds of 2020, which this trial might re-open. Be the Great Physician to our spirit and soul. Set us free from biases, disrespect, and judgementalism.
    • DAY 31: We pray Paul’s Ephesian prayer, concerning racial divide, “Do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us to Him be the glory in the church by Christ
      Jesus throughout all the ages…” (Ephesians 3:20,21).
Wendell Amstutz, MA

Wendell Amstutz, MA

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