Daily Prayer Guide

Daily Prayer Guide

2020: Celebrating 17-Years in Rochester, Minnesota — 69th Annual National Observance

Daily prayer guide with 31 days of suggested prayers for us, family, friends and leaders. For our nation and the world during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

This Guide comes from part of the praying the author does daily. Pray the prayer that correlates to the day of the month. Certain pronouns and/or words may require slight adaptations.

    • DAY 1: Today we give thanks in all things, for all things and at times that You are in complete control. In the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we give thanks and rejoice in the Lord, for this is the day You have made. (Psalm 118:24)
    • DAY 2: We ask for divine empowerment to supply needed protection devices (sanitizers, masks and gowns) and equipment (respirators, etc) that are needed to do battle against COVID-19.
    • DAY 3: Hear from Heaven and heal our land. II Chronicles 7:14 implores God’s people to humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face and turn from their wicked ways. Empower us to do our part. We trust You to do Yours.
    • DAY 4: Grant researchers extraordinary wisdom, health and freedom from distractions. Provide divine insight and god-speed to find a proven vaccine. Give grace and effective forms of mitigation until the cure comes.
      DAY 5: Give our President, Governors, Mayors, media and general public clear perspective of the problem we face. May we neither overstate nor understate the problem. Grant us a healthy balance of vigilance, wisdom, diligence and calmness.
    • DAY 6: Provide us with the financial resources needed to deal with the outbreak and the ensuing side effects. We ask for your blessing upon our economy, the businesses (employers & employees) and those in special need. Remind us and strengthen us to be generous with the resources You have given us.
    • DAY 7: We ask for ourselves, for family, for friends, fellow believers and all mankind to be spared of this pandemic. We pray the prayer Jesus prayed at Gethsemane, “Nevertheless not my (our) will, but Your will be done.”
    • DAY 8: Thank You that in this crises Your grace will be sufficient for each day. You promise not to allow us to be tried above that which we are able to stand (I Corinthians 10:13).
    • DAY 9: May Heaven’s population increase. May those who are lost in this pandemic accept God’s saving grace, prior to their death. Defeat Satan’s attempt to take people to hell with him.
    • DAY 10: Guide and protect those administering health care to virus victims. Protect the immune systems of EMS personnel, the medical professionals & care givers as they treat people in need. Keep their minds and bodies strong that they may resist the virus personally and keep them from becoming a carrier of COVID-19. May they not grow weary in well doing.
    • DAY 11: Grant us calmness and internal peace and daily remind us that while we walk through the “valley of the shadow of death” we need not fear, because You are with us. (Psalm 23:4)
    • DAY 12: Please provide funds for business to resume, funds for furloughed or laid off employees, and for the research to provide help and hope. May companies with solutions and helpful services be fairly compensated.  May they charge a fair price for their services.
    • DAY 13: We claim victory in Jesus’ Name over all efforts by Satan and evil forces to destroy people whom Jesus loves.
    • DAY 14: Protect us from greed, scammers, hackers, terrorism, criminal activity and frivolous law suits during this time of suffering.
    • DAY 15: Grant us as individuals and a people physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing. Use the pandemic to bring families, organizations, churches, political parties and nations together to fight our common foe.
    • DAY 16: Empower us to focus on God, Your love and Your sovereignty rather than on hardships of the moment.
    • DAY 17: Restore businesses, schools, government, organizations and churches, and the losses due to lay-offs, financial set-backs, and illness.
    • DAY 18: We submit to God’s sovereign actions, and to whatever degree spiritual judgment is involved in this pandemic, we accept Your will.
    • DAY 19: Grant comfort to those recovering from the virus, to their families and those grieving the loss of loved ones and friends. May they draw near to You, knowing that You promise to draw near to them.
    • DAY 20: May we be excellent students as You teach individuals, health care professionals, government leaders and society as a whole the lessons You desire for us to learn through this experience.
    • DAY 21: Continue to empower God’s people to be servants who meaningfully meet the needs of the many people touched by this virus.
    • DAY 22: May Your perfect love cast out all fear. Grant Your children comfort and strength for the difficult days ahead. Give us godly trust, that transcends the problems we face.
    • DAY 23: Provide strength, protection and courage to emergency service personnel as they daily battle overload, stress, and concerns for their families.
    • DAY 24: Protect hospital patients, visitors and staff from getting the COVID-19 virus from patients who already have the virus.
    • DAY 25: Spur God’s people to be generous with their time and resources, and help people in financial need, their church, para-church ministries and community non-profits whose needs continue during the crisis.
    • DAY 26: We ask for and believe that miracles will abound in situations that man finds hopeless. In advance, we give thanks for the divine acts & kindness of God, that man cannot explain.
    • DAY 27: May we all live our life according to God’s timetable, accomplishing all that is divinely ordained to do in this life. Protect individuals from suicidal thoughts or actions, and euthanasia.
    • DAY 28: Lord, strengthen us to be people who with Your power, confront our daily battles, “not somehow, but triumphantly.” Help us be “more than conquerors”.
    • DAY 29: During this time some ONGOING needs may be overlooked (mental health concerns, stress, addiction, financial needs, family dysfunction, broken relationships, chronic health problems, and more). We ask You, the Great Physician, to bring healing to the whole person.
    • DAY 30: Grant ______ (Infected COVID-19 individual) godly courage & strength for difficult times they face. May ______ (the infected individual) respond well and express appreciation to those who serve them today.
    • DAY 31: Thanks for all care-givers (family/household, medical, EMS personnel, senior citizen centers, nursing home staff, etc.). Pour into them an extra dose of grace, patience, hope, pleasantness and kindness o empower them to serve with excellence. Renew their spirit for the tasks at hand.
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