Four Intangible Presents


Meaningful Gifts that Uplift the Spirit

We all have the opportunity to give tangible gifts to those people we encounter. I invite you to consider giving one or more of the following meaningful and intangible gifts to the people you engage.  These are the gifts that genuinely come from you.

The Gift of Respect

  • Recognizes a person’s dignity, acquaintance/friendship, skill sets, experiences, contributions, achievements or weaknesses, and most of all values their being who they are.
  • Says, “I accept our similarities AND our differences”.
  • Means that when opinions differ, we graciously agree to disagree and remain friends.

The Gift of Presence

  • Involves spending quality AND quantity time together during good days, difficult days and ordinary days to demonstrate how you value
  • Demonstrates your mindset. You are in my thoughts and prayers even though distance divides us.
  • Empowers to fully live in the now with those around you, and to appreciate the past and looking
    forward, while preparing and anticipating the future together.

The Gift of Listening

  • Requires your full mental, emotional and physical involvement. Giving your undivided attention means listening with your ears AND your eyes.
  • Strives to understand what is being said and what is not said… “Please help me understand your thoughts
    and feelings”.
  • Searches for meaning that enables you to hear what you really want to communicate. Listening in the context
    of the conversation goes beyond “sound bites,” “trigger words,” and “cliches.”

The Gift of Encouragement

(Giving Courage)

  • Includes everyone. Every person (including me) needs encouragement at different times. Even those who appear to have their act together need encouragement, especially this year.
  • Comes in many forms. Wrapped in a hug, a hand-written note, the gift of flowers, a cup of coffee together, an act of kindness, a smile or nod of acknowledgement, a thank you filled with specifics, recognition of an achievement and responses that come at “just the right time.” 
  • Expresses heartfelt and genuine value, communicates truth, lifts the spirit and comes along side to build one another up.
  • Seeks the “gold & good” in people, which creates significant influence in our community for good.

As I think about these gifts I ponder the birth of Jesus Christ, which Christians celebrate at this time of year. His respect and love for all… His presence… His willingness to listen… and His words and deeds of encouragement… Jesus embodies the ultimate examples to guide our giving of meaningful gifts that uplift the spirit.

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