Geraldine Amstutz Celebrates 100th Birthday on March 15


One of God’s choice servant’s turns 100 on Monday, March 15. .Her list of life contributions and service is remarkable. AND she is finishing STRONG even though she is suffering from the Helen Keller syndrome (her hearing and sight  are nearly gone)..

Please allow me to introduce you to my mother

Geraldine…100 years of Family

Geraldine is the first person on either side of her family to reach the 100 year old mark.(She also is the first person to reach the century mark in her place of senior residence.)

Geraldine and her husband Tillman were married for 65 years. Dad was a pastor and involved with Christian work almost 70 years including two different stints with NCRC.

Geraldine was/is the consummate parent raising four children who have participated in leadership roles in hospital administration/management and in ministry for decades.

Geraldine the Master Encourager…

Geraldine has used her artistic skills to encourage people in the following ways:

…She has made thousands of  hand made cards and sent them around the world to encourage people in times of need, joy, achievement and “just because” times of need.  Geraldine recognized people needed a “picker-upper” moment that happened  at invariably the right time.

During a recent weekend Geraldine and her daughter (Gwendolyn) made 10 cards for birthdays, special needs etc. Among those receiving cards were two twin girls for their 10th birthday which HAPPENS to be Geraldine’s birthday as well. The 90 Year connection is even more remarkable in that Geraldine prayed extensively for the twins who needed to be delivered months early.
(God uses Prayer and Encouragement in powerful ways.)

Geraldine is quite renown to and loved by Mayo Clinic administrators, people who she has prayed for, encouraged and :”been there when needed.”

Geraldine the  Prayer Warrior

Perhaps the most significant contribution Geraldine has made and continues to make is her praying for people. both whom she knows and does not know. She faithfully has prayed for years, still  prays and will pray fervently  for her family, God’s servants around the world and people in need  II you are in need of prayer, Geraldine is a person you definitely want praying for you.

Geraldine, the master artist, musician

Earlier  in life Geraldine was a gifted oil painter/artist especially with nature scenes. She also mastered the skill of music accompaniment , on both the piano and organ. Her piano teaching skills helped numerous young people learn how to play the piano.

Geraldine…Finishing Strong

Precious few people live 100 years…even rarer do those living 100 years finish strong.  Geraldine’s eye sight and hearing are almost gone, Her strength has been minimalized over the recent years, BUT her spiritual influence has increased.

Geraldine’s grand daughter Kari, set out to honor her grandma. Among the honoring process was to honor the “master card-maker” with 500 birthday cards.on her 100th birthday. Last year it was 99 cards on her 99th birthday. The 99 card goal was met.

As of March the 12th some 925 cards from every corner of the country have come in to encourage the encourager..

If you have not sent a card to Geraldine but would like to bless her, EVEN AFTER HER 100TH feel free to do so…she would greatly appreciate it. Send the card to Geraldine Amstutz, 975 18th St. SE, Rochester MN. 55903

KTTC-TV  of Rochester recently did an inspiring feature story on Geraldine. A follow-up story is scheduled.

Numerous family, friends, local officials, and people who don’t know Geraldine have been inspired by the moment.
Geraldine, in genuine humility, gives all credit to the Lord of her life, Jesus the Christ.

In celebrating 100 years of a life well lived, we as a family use the words Jesus will someday say to our mother-Geraldine,

“Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

Article posted by Wendell Amstutz (President, NCRC) on behalf of Sonja (Amstutz) Benz, Jerry Amstutz, Gwendolyn J. Amstutz, Wendell Amstutz and extended family.

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