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We offer community resources including a daily prayer guide, a prayer questions & answers and other articles. Look for more to resources coming soon.


Four Intangible Presents

We all have the opportunity to give tangible gifts to those people we encounter. I invite you to consider giving one or more of the following meaningful and intangible gifts to the people you engage. These are the gifts that genuinely come from you.

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Care packages for Olstmed sherifs

Happy Thanksgiving and the beginning of Advent!

Needing to send you this newsletter & update pleasantly caught us by surprise. The Community Day of Prayer on December 5th was one of the best days in our now 30 year history. We HAD TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT, giving all the GLORY to God.

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Spirit Days 2020

Spirit Days 2020 Recap and Going Forward

THANK YOU to all who came along side to help our first Spirit Days become a reality! We have been blessed beyond measure! Our heart-felt Thanks for the numerous efforts to Uplift The Spirit of our Rochester neighbors. This was just the First effort, and We WILL keep on keeping on.

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Molly Mathers

My Faith, Prayer and Family Has Carried Me Through

Others’ judgments don’t have the power to dictate my self-worth. “This happened so that the works of God might be displayed”
– John 9:3

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Prayer May Not Be What You Think

Prayer is our Connection to Life
as it Should Be. View an article by Rick Henderson, lead pastor at Autumn Ridge Church about faith and prayer.

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Stressed Person

The Biggest Health Challenge Is Yet to Come

What happens if your Emotional Tank is Empty, with No Prospect to Refill? Many People need Strength from Outside Sources. Article by Steve Lansing, PHD, LICSW

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