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What we know about Elephants

Elephants are one of the largest mammals we have on earth. That we have the term “Elephant in the Room Discussions” is not a surprise. Here are some thoughts on what we know about elephants.

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Questions to Ask in an Elephant in the Room Discussion

THANK YOU FOR TALKING WITH ME… I do so much better when people talk with me, rather than at me. I have learned some valuable information from you. Thanks for educating me on your point of view. Can we talk some more?

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Guidelines for Positive & Productive Elephant in the Room Discussions

Positive and Productive are not words normally used in the context of “Elephant in the Room Discussions.”
The majority of these discussions end up going south. The insights given offer no guarantees, but do offer hope for a positive and productive outcome to challenging discussions.

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A Lost Art?

Something as simple and inexpensive as listening may lead us to a working answer. It has often been said that “Listening is the first step to understanding.” Most people (regardless of their views) long to be understood.

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Four Sessions to Improve Listening Skills!

Friday, Sept. 10th – Wednesday, Sept. 15, Classes will be held at Heintz Center and 125 LIVE. Register now.

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Listening Nuggets

“Listening Nuggets” To spark ideas and providing meaningful quotes.

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