April year of Respect Event

2024 Year of Respect
Valuing others together

April Gathering

Friday Night D-Lights Special Event

Thursday, April 25, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm 

at 125 Live (River Room)

125 Elton Hills NW


Giving the Gift of Encouragement

  • People who Encouraged You
  • Significant Initiative Announcements
  • Multiple ENCOURAGEMENT resources

Gwendolyn AmstutzSpecial Guest: Gwendolyn Amstutz
First Lady of Encouragement Healthcare Administration Our national life, from local schools to cities and towns needs respect and encouragement. Come and learn more about what you can do.

Elevator Statement: This is a magnificent mission worthy of every Effort we can individually and collectively give. “2024 The Year of Respect” is a community-wide initiative that strives to reshape our attitudes and actions toward each other. Join us in this HEAD & HEART experience, as we take actionable steps to build a kinder community that is a light and example for the world. Let’s do this Together!

Dr. Kent PekelAdditional Guest:
Dr. Kent Pekel
Rochester Public Schools
Superintendent Dr. Pekel is a Master Encourager of students, parents, and teachers.

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Components of Valuing Others

Giving the Gift of Encouragement.
Listening: The First step to Understanding.
Service: Everyone Can Serve. Everyone Can make a difference.
Respect: Differing and Disagreeing Wisely.

Coming Events

Thursday, July 11: Introducing
“The Listening Tool Kit”!!
Sixty Tools to Enhance Your
Listening Skills.
Thursday, August 22:
“Valuing Others with Special Needs”
Dr. James Miser: Their adopted TEN
special needs children.
(Inspiration on Steroids)

Picture of Wendell Amstutz, MA

Wendell Amstutz, MA

CEO | Author / Speaker | amstutz@ncommunityrc.org | 507-254-1265

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