Special Year of Respect gathering

2024 Year of Respect
Valuing others together

February Gathering

Friday, February 23 7:15 pm to 8:30 pm 

125 LIVE in the Riverside Room, at 125 Elton Hills Drive NW


  • Introducing 10 Actionable Steps: The initiative making a difference. Plus: Progress Report
  • Al LunThe Your Story & My Story Segment Al Lun: A most Inspiring Story! 
    Your Story & My Story Tell part of your story, listen to story
    Question: Where do you consider home to be?  
  • EncouragementThe Encouragement Card
  • Scott Dieter, AAA Management
  • Wes Denny, Middle Schooler
  • Steve & Lindy Lange, Post Bulletin
  • SNEAK PREVIEW of the FIRST Four-Page Post Bulletin WRAP Advance (Feb. 24) copies delivered! 
Picture of Wendell Amstutz, MA

Wendell Amstutz, MA

CEO | Author / Speaker | amstutz@ncommunityrc.org | 507-254-1265

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