2024 Year of Respect
Valuing others together

What we are about

This is a magnificent mission worthy of every effort we can individually and collectively give. 2024 The Year of RESPECT is a community-wide initiative that strives to reshape our attitudes and actions toward each other.

The foundation of a strong community lies in listening and respecting different voices. When we value one another, it transforms relationships and impacts our lives.

Join us in this HEAD and HEART experience, as we take actionable steps to build a kinder community that is a light and example for the world. Let’s do this Together!

Wendell Amstutz, Rev. Paul Bauch, Aaron Eberhart, Paul Larsen, and many other Friends

Our next event

Valuing Others

Our Mission

• We have become a society that is gridlocked in so many ways, and cannot find solutions.
• We point fingers and we blame others.
•We have become self-focused, rather than other-focused.
• As a community we are called to value one another. We can improve and we can do far better!


Join us

You and many other community leaders are invited to join in this effort to begin to bring about positive change in 2024.  We need your influence during the next 12 months to transform a negative environment into a community which is Full of Respect, and Who Value Others!  Want to get involved? Learn about our upcoming events signup to volunteer! Join us at anytime.

Special Kick-off Event Recap

January 19, 2024

Did you miss our the Year of Respect kick-off event? View the video recording and other media coverage.

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Giving the Gift of Encouragement

Gwendolyn AmstutzSpecial Guest: Gwendolyn Amstutz
First Lady of Encouragement Healthcare Administration Our national life, from local schools to cities and towns needs respect and encouragement. Come and learn more about what you can do.


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